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We advise you from start until finish, with the appropriate program approval with certainty. We will minimize the administrative workload for you, in whatever ways we could.

We start by a full review of your needs and circumstances. These enable us to choose the most appropriate visa / program for you. Once confirmed, we will provide you a tailored list of required documents, relevant application forms and templates. We will complete the application forms and draft any explanation letter, proposal, business plan whenever necessary. Trusted business partners will be introduced throughout the process if needed. Once the application is filed, we will follow up with the government rigorously and provide you regular updates with an expected timeline. After the application is approved, we will assist you to complete the relevant activation formalities.



After the initial assessment, we can offer you a quote with a flat service fee. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. Once agreed, an Engagement letter with full terms and conditions will be signed, before we kick-start.

After the initial assessment, we are about to estimate the success rate and hence can offer a money-back guarantee. If we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, in general, this means we are highly confident that the application will be approved. If the application is in case not approved, we will refund all money back to you (terms and conditions of the Engagement Letter apply).

We offer 100% money-back guarantee for over 90% of the cases we handled. However, we usually cannot offer a 100% money-back guarantee for less ideal cases, e.g. applicants with prior rejected application or entry. We will advise you the actual money-back guarantee % before we are engaged.


Hong Kong visa

An employment visa is attached to a specific employer. If you would like to switch job, you need to apply the Change of sponsorship. You can only start working for the new employer after this application is approved.

Yes, as a dependant of an employment visa holder, you can work in Hong Kong without any further visa requirements.

After a 7-year period of stay with long-term Hong Kong visas


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