Zurich Insurance


“VisaPro always provides the prompt services to meet our business needs and let our client has the
excellent customer experience during the immigration process. Definitely they are our best partner
to serve our foreign-local-hired employees and their dependants.”

Ms. Louisa Cheung – Human Resources



The VisaPro team were very prompt, knowledgeable, effective and reliable. If you need help with
your visa, they are one of the best visa handling company. Their team of professionals will
help you with the complex visa process and make things easier.

Ms. Moe Kondo – HRM

Hong Kong Gree Electric Appliances Sales Limited


“I think VisaPro is one of the best consultant companies for us, special help our China’s staff
application for HK Working Visa without any problem so far. Sure that they could always provide
their professional services to all of us.”
Mr. Sam Yuen – Senior Operations Manager

Fulbright Financial Group


“Efficient, Prompt, Knowledgeable & Flexible. These are the words for Visapro after years of
Ms. Debbie Lau – Operations Manager

The Royal Bank of Scotland


“Sam and the VISAPRO team have been extremely swift and efficient in obtaining a resident visa for my
children, wife and myself. Sam not only knows the regulation but has a very good knowledge of the
way the Immigration Department views seriousness of applications. I highly recommend using his

Mr. G. Wallier – Former Managing Director

Japan Tobacco International


Being in Hong Kong with my family on a regular employment visa we wanted to become employer
independent. With little time to spare to surf Hong Kong governments relevant websites, I
shortlisted three companies offering CIES Visa application support. After a short vetting process we
selected VisaPro as our service provider. We finally used their support not only for the CIES Visa
but later on also for our Hong Kong permanent ID application. And we are 101%
satisfied. I recommend VisaPro to everybody who looks for (a) in-depth knowledge and
extensive experience with the relevant HK-government processes, (b) tailor-made customer focused
approach (c) realistic risk assessment and timelines (d) execution excellence.  Every HK$ of
their fees was worth it, compared to investing our own time in understanding what’s to be done and
how and when and what not. You are in professional hands.


Mr. Johannes G. Hesse, a German national, former Regional President Asia-Pacific

Chengyu Group Limited


“Sam Chan and the team at VisaPro were fantastic help guiding me through the steps necessary to get
the terms of my Visa varied after I left my role as Chairman of Resources at Macquarie Group and
started up my own company – professional and timely help is what I needed and what I got. The
breadth of immediate and ongoing services made the transition a simple one.”

Robert Rorrison – Managing Director

Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar


VISAPRO has been instrumental to link the knowledge gap for challenging and complex visa issues for
our various companies.  The team has always been proactive, practical and resourceful with
their approach.  This has been more of a partnership approach through coaching, guidance, and
expertise which we appreciate.

Mr. Roger Chan – Director

Mayfare Group (Gaylord, Tamarind, Siamama and Namo饮食集团)


VisaPro has been offering top class service to us and our associates who require expatriate staff and
also some who like to come and set up their businesses. I have always recommended them to my
friends for their professional and efficient service.

Rajeev Bhasin – Managing Director

Rekhani Hospitality Group Ltd (Restaurant group of Ebeneezers and Shakey Pizzas)


” VisaPro is our official immigration consultant since last 7 years for all our overseas
appointments.  Their experience and knowledge in the industry, service, commitment and
dedication, effective and prompt communication, friendliness and simplicity made us nothing to
say, but amazing….”


Mr. Rekhani Sunny and Mr. Rekhani Anil – Directors

Genesis Group Hong Kong (Restaurants: Libertine, GBU and Lotus)


” VisaPro handled our cases with professional knowledge that the guidance are helpful and make
the complicated process of the  visa application become such easy to be followed up.
Thank the team of Visapro these years for the kind assistance of my business.

We are looking forward to working with VisaPro for all our future visa needs.  ”

Alyssa CHAN – Human Resources & Administrative Assistant

Charles Peneau Limited


“We have been working with VisaPro for all our visas and been so happy with their efficiency and
professionalism. by working with visa pro we saved so much precious time and worries. they made my
life easier and i will recommend anybody in need of visas their services.”

Mr. Charles Pelletier – Director



“My experience with Visapro Service has been always very positive. They have a personalized approach
for each and every case, studying all possible difficulties and finding out best way to proceed.
Very professional, paying attention to all details and deadlines to make things smooth and easy for
customers, plus in my case, 100% of cases solved!”

Mrs Laura Marin Molina – General Manager

Ultravera Company Limited


If you have any issues with your employment visa for your overseas employee, Visa Pro will
be the best partner for you to handle all visa related process. Visa Pro is very
reasonable and all staff is very friendly and hospitable.

Mr. JinKwon Jeon – Assistant Manager



The VisaPro team were very prompt, knowledgeable, effective and reliable. If you need help with your visa, they are one of the best visa handling company. Their team of professionals will help you with the complex visa process and make things easier.

Ms. Moe Kondo – HRM

Marie Kim
Marie Kim
02:34 12 Apr 22
Wincy and her team worked very efficiently. She reviewed documents carefully and it was easy to follow the instruction how to prepare all Visa documents. They responded really quickly when I asked questions.
JinYoung Lee
JinYoung Lee
05:17 26 Oct 21
Thank you very much. That’s because you were fulfilling the responsibilities and cares of me. I was happy to be able to assist by you. Thank you again.
Sara Yang
Sara Yang
03:21 07 Sep 21
I applied for an investment visa which is supposedly difficult to get but the team managed to help me and get it approved within a month and a half. The process was efficient and team members were so patient!
Ioannis Georgoulis
Ioannis Georgoulis
03:42 05 Jul 21
I found Visa Pro on Google among other companies that i checked. But almost immediately i decided to go on with them as they seemed to exceed in speed, efficiency and professionalism, any other company that i got in contact with at the time.Visapro People took care of every detail throughout the procedure of my employment Visa in Hong Kong. They directed me not only through the collection of the documents required by the Immigration Dept, but also with other details, given their long experience with the Hong Kong immigration, that enhanced my chances of getting my visa. Apart from providing them with necessary documentation i did no more, it was respectively easy for me. Whenever they could do the documents job themselves, so that i would have to spend the bear minimum time on it, they did.My employment visa is issued now. I hands down recommend Visa Pro to anyone interested in getting an employment visa in Hong Kong.Among other things, their fees are also on the friendly side comparing with most of the other companies that one can find online.
Pun Udaya
Pun Udaya
03:21 14 May 21
Good professional service provider. Recommended for the speedy and very convenient procedure.
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